A 44. Caliber Love Letter From My Heart

I Hope You Choke

28 July
Amston, Connecticut, United States
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Eastern Connecticut State University - Willimantic CT (2005 present)
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a static lullaby, afi, alexisonfire, anberlin, aqua teen, armor for sleep, as i lay dying, at the drive-in, atom and his package, atreyu, autopilot off, avenged sevenfold, bayside, blood has been shed, boston, brand new, bum ruckus, bush, catch 22, children of bodom, circle takes the sqaure, coheed and cambria, converge, dashboard confessional, ddr, deftones, eighteen visions, emery, emo, every time i die, fenix*tx, finch, foo fighters, food, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, gabriel iglesias, guitar, hawthorne heights, hellogoodbye, hepcat, hey mercedes, hidden in plain view, high school football heroes, hopesfall, hot cross, i voted for kodos, ifihadeyes, in flames, incubus, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, juliana theory, kanye west, killswitch engage, led zeppelin, less than jake, metallica, midtown, mighty mighty bosstones, moneen, motion city soundtrack, movies, mudvayne, music, mxpx, my chemical romance, napolean dynamite, norma jean, orgy, planes mistaken for stars, planet smashers, poison the well, radiohead, reel big fish, rufio, saosin, save ferris, saves the day, scars of tomorrow, scott's mom, sealab, senses fail, shadows fall, silverstein, sleep, sparta, staind, story of the year, straylight run, streetlight manifesto, suburban legends, sugarcult, sum 41, taking back sunday, tap out, tenacious d, texas is the reason, the aquabats, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the black dahlia murder, the bled, the blood brothers, the bronx, the early november, the living end, the mars volta, the used, the vandals, thrice, thursday, tv, underoath, unearth, video games, weezer, zebrahead
i listen to emo. i play the guitar. fool.